ugh, Signal is going to add a payments infrastructure with a new cryptocurrency.

Between this, his arguments FOR centralization, and using Google infrastructure, Moxie's vision for Signal is just super far from what I want to be a part of as a user. I guess I should make a concerted effort to use other services.

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@polymerwitch damn. are they trying to go the way of that Chinese app, that's both a social chat, and payment thing? (I don't remember what it's called).

Or just trying to get on the cryptocurrency train?

@darius @polymerwitch I can definitely see the benefits of it, but also ugh cryptocurrency

@maloki Moxie is saying that he wants to keep up with other apps that are adding payment options.

I just don't share his values of trying to make a competitor to big corporate apps. It's the same way I don't want to make a new state or capitalism in the image of the old that is just more popular.

@polymerwitch it is a Bummer because i got a bunch of non nerds on signal and every time i say “welllll….” i exhaust them and lose their trust

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