yay, I finally got an appointment. It's the single shot J&J in one week.

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@polymerwitch nice! Are you in the 1B group? Everywhere I'm looking is saying not to even schedule an appointment unless I'm currently eligible

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@flowerenby I'm in group 7. I'm considered a "front-line worker" because I work at a community college and I work on campus sometimes.

If you have to be around anyone for your work, or you live with anyone that has to be around people for work you should be eligible as of yesterday.

I heard that OR officials said you can schedule before you are eligible for an appointment after you are eligible. IDK though.

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@polymerwitch ok, good to know. Thanks!

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@flowerenby the whole process is pretty effed. I probably invested 10 hours over the course of two days into searching for appointments before I finally found one.

Eligible or not, you should definitely register on the state of oregon website, because they will put your name in a lottery everyday you are eligible to get an appointment. They start as soon as you are eligible if you are registered:

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@polymerwitch ...there's a lottery for appointments but you can/have to sign up manually? That is pretty terrible

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@flowerenby the state's vaccination site at the convention center is a lottery.

OHSU lists there appts on their website at 9am, then there is a mad dash while the page crashes until the appts are gone.

Safeway, Fred Meyers, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens each update their sites randomly about every 30 minutes with one or two appointments that vanish in about 10 seconds.

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