trying to figure out what an ethical refresh time is for a FIFO appt signup page. I'm asking myself, "if everyone in the city refreshed at this rate would it reasonably not bring down the server?" I settled on once every 30 seconds for auto-refresh.

These are strange times.

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well, it only refreshed once, and now the server is crashing 🤦‍♀️

The page finally loaded ... and all of the appointments are gone.

tech rant 

@garbados it's so much worse than that. The page they have is 12MB in resources that invalidates the cache every time it reloads. The appt box is an iframe. When the iframe loads if any JS script of the 50 or so timesout the page stops loading and you must reload the whole thing. Each step of the 10 steps to get through registration is also an AJAX call, and if any of those timeout the whole process is invalidated and you must reload and start fresh. It's so bad.

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