it's 2021 and we are still talking about "free software" instead of:
* community software
* liberated software
* anti-capitalist software
* transformative justice software
it's been 35 years, and our philosophy and understanding of the role of computing and software in our society has changed drastically. The FSF and the culture of turning RMS into a 'great man' haven't changed in decades.

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the concept of "free software" is about as helpful today as the concept of "free speech".

you can have "free software" and a community so hostile and hateful that no justice is found there. it is wielded as a shield in defense of literal nazis. obviously, the ideals behind free software and free speech are nice, but they are incomplete, unnuanced, and steeped in all of the problems of liberalism.

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@polymerwitch i hadn't thought of it like that but you're completely right.

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Imagine a world where FSF rallied behind Theo De Raadt instead of RMS.

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@elixx what does it mean "rally behind"? To follow or make him target of some form of attack?
Please, don't target Theo 😃

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@elixx @polymerwitch while i'd definitely prefer theo to rms from an ideological perspective he isn't exactly a consummate people-wrangler... even linus has called him "difficult"

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@polymerwitch Thank you, this really resonates with some thoughts I’ve had recently about the problems with “freedom” as a political concept, vs something more nuanced that respects both our interdependent mutuality and our integral autonomy without becoming a shield for psychopaths and nazis.

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@polymerwitch i truly believe anti capitalism is the only way to fix large, international software development. it has the same problems and perspectives as the companies that use it. talk about alienation of the worker


Stop pretending you understand free software or free speech.

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@polymerwitch I agree. All ideas are just ideas, but what makes them an effective and righteous movement is the human beings that drive those ideas forwards.

It's always been about community.

@polymerwitch I've been calling my work on "community" for a while now. It's for people.

To be fair that's why we say Freedom Software, Libre Software.

Agree though that there is sometimes objectionable behavior in the movement. Generally speaking though it is okay.

Personally I care about people and their freedom. So I will keep caring about "#SoftwareLibero" as luckily Italian and other Latin derived languages has different words for "at zero price" (gratis) or "related to freedom" (libero)

What is "liberated software"? A formely proprietary program?
Why shall we have anti-something software? Being against something rarely build something good.
I also prefer justice'n'peace plain and simple. And this is much more than the absence of conflicts.



The concept of Free Software has nothing to do with a person. It is about user freedom. For the relevance of Free Software in the world, RMS currently plays no role, only a historical one. Call it Free Libre OpenSource Software, also known as FLOSS, it doesn't matter.

It is a big mistake to get lost in the small small of terminologies. Ask yourself what it means not what it is called.

The presence of the Free Software Movement is 1000x bigger than RMS. Don't wast your time

Maybe we missed something but do ppl have a problem with RMS? Why? He seems like a decent person.

@dsfgs @tunda focusing on if he is a "decent person" or not misses the issue imo. The problem is the position of power and large platform he is given. How he then abuses that platform to post defenses of middle aged men getting involved with underage girls. Then he is defended religiously on a the basis that of his software philosophy from 35 years ago. He is just a guy who did some good work on software in the past, and posts bad takes he should be held reasonably held accountable for.

We didn't know about the underage relationship takes. Well hopefully he's learned why there are some limits and borders on things.

@polymerwitch @paoloredaelli @elixx @dsfgs @tunda I love freedom and capitalism, so i love free speech and free software. I have no need for exclusionist terms.

@dsfgs @polymerwitch @tunda If there is one thing that is certain about RMS it is that he definitely does not fucking learn.

@dsfgs @tunda @polymerwitch He hasn't. There is zero indication that he has learned anything and is suitable for a position of leadership. There hasn't even been a token effort, he's just suddenly back and nobody gets why.

> The Chinese are starting to turn their back on #Tesla for #privacy concerns.

> Bunch on indignant powdering against #FreeSoftwareFoundation.

@tunda @polymerwitch

@polymerwitch @dsfgs @tunda How did he abuse FSF as a platform? He temporarily resigned from FSF because people have misread his emails to MIT mailing lists which have nothing to do with FSF. It is clear from the recent ArsTechnica article:

There is also a direct link to his website:

@tunda Absolutely. Ideas are bigger than people. But this step is big dent in the reputation of the Free Software Foundation, so IMHO they are no longer the go-to stewards of Software Freedom. We need to defend it wothout them for the foreseeable future. @polymerwitch

@jwildeboer @polymerwitch

Objectively, I don't think it's good that he came back either. When I heard about it, I shook my head and asked myself why the hell?

A "dent in the Free Software Foundation's reputation", that's a good description.

regards tunda

@polymerwitch The argument is we've taken everything out of context. The context is pretty clear to me. This man needs to go. He is not someone you want representing anything you stand for.

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