I just realized I can use SyncThing to backup my systems to local backup as it allows customization of sync sharing per folder. So, I already have one that syncs to my phone, but I can do a whole home folder sync to just a backup system and configure the folder to only sync over wifi.

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@polymerwitch Did you manage to do your whole /storage folder on Android? I'm not sure it worked when I tried it a while back.

@kawaiipunk I setup separate folders:

* A generic share folder I can just copy stuff into/out of
* All of the photos from my camera
* The music folder so I can easily copy different albums into it.

My email, calendar, and contacts are already synced with DavX5

@polymerwitch yeh there's some sort of permission thing where you can't do the whole /storage folder.

I did a similar thing to you. It makes total sense.

@kawaiipunk I think the multiple sync folders are preferable, because you can setup separate syncing options:
* Photos can sync over data. So, I won't lose them if I'm on a trip or something
* Music needs to be on the same local network so I don't do large data transfers and rack up my bill.

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