gofundme (the company) critique and analysis 

I'm looking into some stuff about gofundme. I might write it all up if I can work through my analysis more fully. My thesis i that gofundme is gig economy work with exploited workers selling charity as consumerism. Some interesting stats:
* GoFundMe was valuated a couple years ago at $1 billion
* Btwn 2010-2020 they made ~$29mil a year
* The avg campaign makes $400
* After GFM fees that would mean $15/hr if the fundraiser does ~24hrs of work on it


gofundme (the company) critique and analysis 

that 24hrs of work would include campaign creation, social networking, messaging, setting up bank transfers, updating the campaign and so on.

So this billion dollar company has a gig workforce who is struggling just to survive on very little, and the company profits tens of millions of dollars.

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