discussing state repression 

Figuring out how to talk about state repression when the right is the catalyst for policy is a minefield. Obvsly deplatforming is great all the time (see all my toots from the past few days). Increased powers to cops and enhanced terrorism charges is a different thing though. For example, there is talk about changing laws such that when a riot is declared any organizer there can be charged as an accomplice.

discussing state repression 

I'm wondering how we can push against the liberals enacting all of this. It's going to be a mess, because gd I don't want to be defending the far-right in any way while staving off state repression of leftists and marginalized groups.

discussing state repression / mention of nazi / torture and police murder 

for example, the cops killing a rioter was a bad response on the part of the cops. Like, I'm not gonna shed a tear, but I'm also not gonna celebrate extra-judicial executions. Also making fun of that one guy for wanting organic food in jail ... how long have we been fighting for muslim prisoners to get a diet they can eat? how long have we been fighting for vegans to be able to eat? repression isn't funny to me.


discussing state repression 

There are so many prisoners and victims I'm gonna fight for before I worry about these assholes, but I'm also not going to celebrate the bad actions of the state.

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discussing state repression 

@polymerwitch it’s like. when the left advocates for the rights of all, we aren’t giving high fives to every single person who are under the “all” umbrella. but dominant US political frameworks have people viewing ‘rights’ as something you dole out only to those who please you and are loyal to you. it’s a paradigm shift (ugh gross sorry for saying ‘paradigm shift’). i wish they could merely let themselves imagine that for like. two seconds

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