so, now that we live in a post cyberpunk world this is what the corporate dystopia of the future looks like.

@polymerwitch pretty sure there’s a sci-fi story about this exact concept, like essentially the ships to Mars are the titantic and they’re one half cruise ship for rich folks and one half transporting indentured servants to do the hard (and psychological tormenting) work of terraforming a dead planet

@conflictingxideas @polymerwitch there are multiple SF stories with indenture as part of the world building. Most of the ones I've read, as I recall, have plots revolving around freeing the workers, or at least the main character escaping.

So basically Musk is willingly setting himself up as a SF bad guy.

@polymerwitch and we all breathe a huge sigh of relief.... loans will fix it!

@polymerwitch The mystery to me is who are the 'some other' critics who do not think this plan resembles indentured servitude?

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