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"If we are OK with Olive Garden taking away the nazi's pasta pass, then we are opening the door for them to take away our pasta pass!" -- 馃ぁ

I don't normally post subtoots, but the censorship takes are awful


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deplatforming nazis is never bad it's not government repression.

big tech has been deplatforming leftists for years. I was literally banned from facebook for being trans and using my real name. that's why many of us are here.

"we have to protect the nazi's rights, because they will come for us next" is some lib shit.

deplatform nazis everywhere they try to organize. do it over and over again. no quarter for nazis.

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uspol / deplatforming 

The reason I am so mad about this is that it's indistinguishable from nazi apologism. It makes me and my friends less safe. Time to block a lot of people that claimed they were comrades.

uspol / deplatforming 

@polymerwitch Deplatform them and tell them to fuck off so they don't have the power to come for anyone... Saying "We need to appease them because they'll be gentler if we do" is like saying "We should repair the bulldoser that ruined our town, else it might go wrong and crush us again" No, you destroy and replace that bulldoser.

uspol / deplatforming 

@polymerwitch yeah this. if ur trans and u say "terf" on the birdsite ur more at risk of being banned than any white nationalist

uspol / deplatforming 

@polymerwitch just fucking sucks that major platforms couldn鈥檛 care less until it could hurt their image.

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