Police are starting to turn those Ring doorbells into an always on surveillance network. So, if you have one you are now literally snitching on your neighbors to the state. Throw it away.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Amazon surveillance, there are cheap and easy alternatives.

You can use a $35 raspberry pi with a usb webcam and MotionEye OS. You can even configure it to delete footage after a period of time so if the cops subpoena the footage you will only have a small time frame and they won't be able to spy on you and your neighbors coming and goings. But if someone breaks in you can store the footage from that.

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I set up a build of this in about 20 minutes for $50 when I had an active stalker threat and it gave me great peace of mind without letting Amazon and the cops spy on me.

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@polymerwitch I've done this! It even toots out when there is motion :ablobcatattention:

This is not hard and you can do it for your friends. It's a great hub and spoke model where you can ideally have a server that processes the motion and the tiny Pi Zeros just stream all the video to it.


@polymerwitch There are ESP32-CAM modules, they need a 5 V supply, some waterproofing and a UART cable to program but they're much cheaper per piece, about 5 €.

@polymerwitch if you already have a computer on the network sitting on permanently, you can get a cheap wireless IP camera and run ZoneMinder open source software to record footage over the network. Or use an extra raspi for it, if you need multiple cameras for example.

I think this comes partly from buying anything from Amazon. They have proven time and time again they will work with police or the government to fuck people over in whatever way they can. It's crazy IMO.

@polymerwitch I haven’t charged mine in over a year. I get 90% of the deterrence factor of having a ring and 0% of the creepy surveillance.

Thanks for sharing. The abuse of #Ring by #Amazon has been known for months, but its good to see more people finally making a stir.


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