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Pride means ACAB; Pride means BLM 

“The police have been monsters,” says the Stonewall-era activist, in a new public service announcement posted to Twitter. “They’re all worthless, unimaginable, horrible people and destructive to mankind in general, especially to my trans and gender nonconforming community. I don’t know who invited those motherfuckers to be in the Pride parade, they are the most detrimental thing to ever happen.” -- Miss Major

and for those wondering about dry head etc. Humidity will average at about 50%

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Immigrant rights activists, including trans women who were detained by ICE, marched on the White House demanding the immediate release and end of detention of trans and HIV+ asylum seekers

What's the difference between a vaporware company and a cryptocurrency?

uspol / guns / acab 

Stopping gun violence by ... checks notes ... putting more guns in the hands of cops.

Democrats and republicans both don't want real gun safety reform. They just have different marketing campaigns.

There is an alternative on the left that sees gun privileges and gun safety as community projects and addressing actual public safety concerns, but we have to dream beyond the 2nd amendment enabling white supremacy or an all powerful white supremacist state.

hey, it's me. just here crying while I watch a documentary about Boyz II Men

The city of Portland took an area that had queer clubs and bars, then they renamed the street Harvey Milk. Next, all of the queer places were priced out or forced out. Now, they are going to paint the street a rainbow color and let the new big box stores and hipster bars use the street space for their businesses in the name of making it an "LGBTQ Plaza".

They turned a queer community into a sterile shopping district who puts up pride flags in June and are calling it progress.

liberals being liberals / vaccines / public health 

Apparently, if you are in the demographic who hasn't been vaccinated yet (mostly poor, young, service workers) you shouldn't get public services, but if you are wealthy and vaccinated then public health steps no longer apply to you. Anyone who disagrees with them supports Trump and deserves to die.

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liberals being liberals / vaccines / public health 

I'm getting really upset at liberals with their reopening dogma. One minute they are yelling at my work (a public institution) for not requiring vaccines even though we have vaccines available on-site, mandatory training, masks, 6 ft distancing, and you are forced to isolate/quarantine if you have any symptoms. Then, in the next breath they are planning to fly unmasked on a vacation and booking tickets to Portland for their friends and family.

pdxpol, /s ... unless ... 

Obviously, Sarah Iannarone is behind the Ted Wheeler recall campaign, and she plans to run again. But, and bear with me now, we all vote for my cat in instead?

Cat for mayor:
* She doesn't hunt birds, but does hunt flies
* On infrastructure, she doesn't like potholes
* Subsidies are based on pets and treats given during lobbying


trying to talk to my friend about compensation at work.

"You should do that you might impress someone and get a raise!"

Raise? Is that what happens when union power reclaims more of the value of our labor? Other than that my contract tells me how much I make and how much everyone I work with makes, and has mandatory pay increases every year. "Raises" sound like some propaganda to keep you stuck in an oppressive work dynamic.

and right on schedule Oregon announced that they are giving authorization for power utility companies to do rolling power outages during fire season this year

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Despite OR politicians fearmongering about not having money to operate there is a $1.4 billion surplus. Taking into account $400,000 of admin overhead that could fund building 100 $10 million housing complexes across the state for the houseless. But instead they are considering sending $300 to each taxpayer (who usually don't include the houseless).

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I need to remember to refill my emergency water supply, dust off my respirator, and get an emergency radio. I think this summer is gonna be pretty tough. Worse drought in 400 years, forest fires, heat dome, ...

Chances of bad fires, water reservoir problems, and electrical grid issues are pretty high.

"Oregon House approves bill aiming to protect small shops from getting knee-capped, ensuring mobsters are made whole"

"Oregon House approves bill aiming to protect workers from wage theft, ensuring bosses are made whole"

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in 2018 I got a tax return for 18. The feds sent me a check, and I just never cashed it. I mean I'm by no means wealthy, but hiking to the bank to deposit a paper check for $18 was a waste of time. It expired, so they sent me a new one. This has been repeating since then. I now have a stack of $18 checks 😆

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