PS1 was my first console. My Dad had an Atari and a NES at his house I played a bit, but I only went there once a month or so. I mostly gamed on the commodore or friends consoles. I bought a Playstation as a teen though, and had it in my room. I loved Tony Hawk, Road Rash 3D, and FFVII (of course).

Eventually, I modded it and played all the games. I don't know what happened to it though.

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Me: OK, no more buying old game consoles to mod

also me: ooooh, my neighbor wants to sell their PS1 with games and multiple original controllers for $50 👀

pdx pol 

No matter how much the yuppies, city council, PBA, PPB, and dark money political funds (People For Portland) complain about it, the Oregon constitution says that unhoused people can't be swept without providing them adequate shelter. This amendment is something I really do respect Tina Kotek for implementing (so I have one nice thing to say about a Democrat).

racism / uspol 

I was today years old when I learned that multiple states have an official "Jefferson Davis Day" to celebrate the birthday of the president of the confederacy.

Reading this should also be a stark reminder as to why capitalism (and things that embrace it) cannot be the path under which liberation happens. It requires the demolishing, commodification and consumption of people and their labor for corporate greed. (

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First time in my life that I've seen a major American outlet translate an article into something I understand from growing up. It even goes into how the US robbed Haiti. I'd recommend reading it. (

PDX pol 

I wish the Portland pride org had a spine. I think the trans march and the dyke march might, but the main Portland pride event is heavily resistant to barring police.

I documented a blue lives matter flag flying from the sanctioned police stall at the festival a few years ago, and a friend of mine got arrested at pride for knocking over the cops folding table.

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SF pol 

Meanwhile, the mayor of SF showed that they are an ally to LGBTQ people only so far as she can make sure that the are invited, in uniform, to rainbow street parties. Otherwise that is apparently *checks notes* discrimination of police officers.

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I see the CDC and the WHO are back on their homophobic bullshit.

They have a vaccine. If there is a localized demographic where there is an outbreak you work on containment with that group. Or do het people just never have sex or even make "skin to skin" contact?

Students in our modern education system are workers and should be payed with benefits. Though a non-capitalist education system would be preferable.

there's actually an Oregonian story today that almost makes me want to subscribe.

‘Super-man’ criminal tried to kidnap wealthy Portlanders in 1918, leading to murder, bold escapes

I feel like half of my discussions online these days are people doing some form of:

"So, you advocate for better distribution of food to make sure no one starves, yet you have hoarded a six-pack of Top Ramen in your cupboard. Interesting."

shopping mall secret police 

If you search for "organized retail crime/theft" you can find hundreds of new firms in this industry.

Things like this ... from Loss Prevention Magazine ... explain the new industry in their own words:

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shopping mall secret police 

Has anyone else been following this weird new industry that is popping up? Security firms are being created to address the narrative of skyrocketing retail theft. They don't just review loss prevention in a store, but across companies and across the entire industry. The run stakeouts and surveil people in their lives to build cases, then work closely with law enforcement. There are rumors of lobbying for making some of these firms private contractors for the state.

This would actually work pretty easily.
* Map "Yeah!"s to likes
* Add groups for communities (could also just be local instances)
* Add simple drawing system to post art
* Replace the timeline with Warawara Plaza

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