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I like to believe that Beckett's Waiting for Godot and Tarkovsky's Stalker are in the same cinematic universe.

A thing that capitalism is not as good at is subtitles. Netflix? I get maybe 4 options for languages. DVD/BlueRay 3 if you are lucky.

OpenSubtitles for some random ass video you have in xvid format across 3 CDRs? 3254 results just in English. Do you want the one with fan context descriptors? How about the translation that some professor at Duke argued was actually more accurate. Sorry, there are only three versions from different grad students.

I just became the type of woman who puts string lights up in the front window. They are purple lights, and they may never come down. Still I never imagined myself in this place.

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> As well as cancelling his Spotify subscription and taking down most of his music catalogue, [Sameer Gupta is] now encouraging others to do the same by offering a 95-percent discount on his "entire Bandcamp" to "anyone else who is cancelling their Spotify." "This has been a long time coming anyway but the Spotify CEO's desire to invest in war AI tech was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back," Gupta told RA.


I would like to formally announce that I too will not be running for Oregon governor.

recurring subscription services should be banned

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Christmas songs are actually pretty cool. They are simple folk songs that people knows (in Christian communities at least) and can sing together. Some renditions by community carolers are beautiful.

What is super annoying is the same over produced recordings of folk songs regurgitated on big box store PAs in a strange attempt to sell you garbage.

Also, I can paint over the blue LEDs on devices that destroy my eyes 😮

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oooh, Technology Connections did a video showing that led string lights can be painted to good effect with nail polish. I might need to get a set of white ones, and then paint them fun colors.

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22 years ago today, demonstrators used direct action to shut down the summit of the World Trade Organization in Seattle.

In this analysis, we explore what today's movements could learn from the creative and joyous networks that achieved that victory:

Still not as good as not having a phone at all. Maybe I'll get there some day.

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Finally plugged my phone in for its second charge. I got 80+ hours on the charge about 10% of which was screen on. The charge was at 14% when I plugged it in.

Not too bad.

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This podcast where the host is interviewing a British woman author who is very shy. He's just praising her work non-stop and she is just saying "thank you" over and over again and blushing so hard it's coming through the audio.

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An intruder breaks into my home and tries to use my smart toilet but they fail the anal print scan which switches the smart toilet into attack mode

Store clerk: Merry Christmas!
me: May the necromancers raise Jesus this year 😃
clerk: wtf!?
me: I thought you wanted Jesus to rise again? Or did I misunderstand. gdi. May Santa break into your house.

I really don't like the section titles in The Dawn of Everything. They are so annoying and always written in all caps:

"In which we do not explore the bumblings of some drunk guy and instead discover the origins of clowns who are also police in the Americas during the great hunts of the paleolithic"

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I've said this before, but I'm a gun owner AND I think community controls around guns are a good thing. The problem is that the proposed gun controls, and now proposed controls around defense, don't make any sense from a public safety perspective. A recent study of some gun legislation that was passed showed no reduction in gun violence. There are reasonable gun safety and community safety measures to take, but no one is willing to actually talk about them.

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self defense 

And yeah, the law does favor White supremacists, but the issue isn't defending oneself it's White Supremacy.

The unspoken option left on the table is to have a strong state police that will defend us. ... and I see no reason to believe the state will not also use "defense" to perpetuate more White supremacist behavior.

Self defense is needs to be put in the context of the community that is effected by the drastic action, but it is necessary in extreme situations.

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self defense 

I'm seeing this strange position come from the center left that argues self defense and vigilantism is the same thing. Multiple examples are given of self defense claims: one usually a White supremacist and one a Black woman defending herself from an abuser. They then argue that people shouldn't be able to claim self defense because the law falls in favor of the White supremacist but not the Black woman. (cont)

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