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You have heard of a plastic Jesus riding on the dashboard of your car, but have you considered a polymer witch riding on the handlebars of your bike?

political semiotics 

I really don't like the upside down "U" shape of dots to represent state legislative seats. What a strange framework to consider power.

Also, good morning.

I am once again disappointed in humanity, but I have warm beverage and soft rain. 🌧️ :blob_raccoon_coffee: 🌧️

fun idea 

A "little free library" type box, but it's just full of paper, postcards and greeting cards. You are encouraged to take a card and send it to a neighbor or friend. It also has information on sending cards to prisoners.

Masters of the Universe Revelations spoilers 

This is the first thing I've seen from Kevin Smith since Mallrats (maybe Dogma) where his writing was top notch. It's the traditional hero's journey, but unlike most modern western media it involves real sacrifice.

Honestly my one complaint is that it falls into the problem many things do with a PG/PG-13 rating, while main character death is treated as ugly, horrifying, and has lasting effect the many deaths of people in the periphery don't.

unpopular Oregon opinion 

Gresham really does feel like a separate city from Portland ... and it's better in so many ways.

The librarian looked at me in horror when I asked if I needed to pay for the form I printed 😆

Why yes, I do like bloc-chain technology. When people dressed in black at an action link arms forming a human chain.

I used my dishwasher for the first time in over a year. Feels weird. I'm still not convinced it actually uses less water then the 1 gallon of sanitizing water, 1 gallon of rinse method. And obviously it uses more power. It does do a more thorough cleaning job which is good every season or two.

Hey all, I started a space to chat and plan about off grid network building with a radical lens. Tentatively naming it "PING" for PING Is Not the Grid

Probable topics:
* Anarchism
* Solarpunk
* LoRa
* ESP32 firmware hacking
* Mesh networking
* etc!NTkMmARqhRyDrvYHT

at least the teacher kept a 2x4 handy in case any of us electrocuted ourselves so that he could whack us away from the circuit.

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thinking about how I took 4 years of electronics classes in HS where 30 of us would sit in a closed up classroom with radiators for heat and solder lead in the enclosed space for a couple hours every day.

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Any recommendations for a good soldering station?

Then I can probably make devices to sell around Portland for $25-$150 that would range in storage space, range, and an optional solar setup so you can keep it charged without the electrical grid.

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I stayed up last night and read through the Meshtastic code base and Meshtastic-python. Now that I know the transportation through the application layer pretty well, I think the best solution is to build a text only scuttlebutt setup such that you connect via WiFI to the Meshstatic device, goto social.local in a web browser, and then you can make posts, send messages, etc via an off grid service.

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