rebranding mutual aid as cool-aid.

oh yeah 😎

pol / sexual assault 

do you all remember how last year Cuomo was being praised by the Democrats as an example of what Trump should be and a future presidential candidate? Meanwhile, every radical and marginalized person I know from NY was like Cuomo is shit, and wouldn't you know that it comes out a year later he is in fact a toxic abuser who lets vulnerable people die.

having some good online discussions today about how individual habit changes won't save the environment or take down corporations, but those lifestyle changes can help your individual mental health, bring you a higher quality of life, and let you aspire toward a future where that is simpler and more fulfilling

i just had a flashback from when I was working for minimum wage and my boss was like "your performance review is pretty much perfect. just work on increasing productivity. so we are going to give you a raise of $0.08/hr"

"can you believe that some countries are creating social credit scores" the Redditor says while hoping to increase their score on a social site.

Realizing this is probably because a big part of my job is planning and designing the configuration and software available across a school district. How do you make it usable? How do you make it accessible? How do balance the various elements to meet the needs of a large and diverse user base?

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I think of linux as a medium for a craft trade. Transforming a digital space that people use as a tool. Making it functional, beautiful, and specialized for different communities is an art form. Crafting artisanal distros is maybe a silly way to put it, but I think it's a healthier way to approach the benefits of linux than the technical one-uping bro culture.

I wonder how :ddg: decides whether to show images or not in search results

misreading the word "gridlock" as "girlcock" is trans woman culture

apparently het culture is being proud of discriminating against people while dating and fucking

food and weed mentions 

once a week I splurge on getting food delivered. I tip 50% to the driver.

Today, my delivery person picked up my food, but has been parked at a weed dispensary on the way for the past 30 minutes since they picked it up. I'm so hungry 😭

pandemic habits 

I've realized I changed some habits since the pandemic started. Like last year when multiple household items were hard to get and produce was scarce it changed my habits such that now I buy extra to last a few extra weeks.

Like, I don't horde TP or anything, but I used to buy a new pack when I was down to a roll or two. Now, I always have at least a spare full package in storage.

I think there is a version of spoon theory that is a count of how many bad takes you can handle in a day before you log off.

earlier this week my boss was asking if there was currently an autonomous zone in Portland, because he has "some friends visiting from out of town who are currently touring around places like that"


there's bees in the corner
there's bees in the spotlight
forming my religion

I haven't seen this much on here, but in other circles it seems to be happening a lot more.

Wage labor is not slavery.

It's oppressive, but it is distinctly different from slavery.

daily thought about how capitalism is fucked 

free food stores could be across the country. just go in and get what you need. Proper supply chains solve issues with outages/shortages, and it's not like we don't have those under capitalism (looking at TP). So, there would be no need for rations.

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