Also, for all my cis friends, you really don't have to say, "As a privileged, white, cis female, seeing this was devastating." Why does your identity matter when you read a statistic? It's totally cool to say, "we should name people correctly, because that's just being respectful." Bonus, you don't sound super annoying.

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My suggestion was trying to create decentralized spaces that are the equivalent of a community festival in a park, and the one they are pursuing is a townhall. Still pretty neat though 😄

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LB: They use my metaphore for corporate web 2.0 being like a shopping mall. I wonder if they read my writings on that, or if we both stumbled upon the same understanding 😃

"Currently, many of our online interactions take place in the digital equivalent of a shopping mall. Controlled by corporations and designed to maximize advertising revenue, they sometimes host civic discussions, but they aren’t real civic spaces."

I wonder if acrylic paint to color code them would be thin enough?

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Trying to think of ways to label micro sd cards. 🤔

I can label cases, but labeling the actual cards seems limited in options.

I think most are not reading this past the headline. The real story is that state actors are infiltrating and collecting sigint from encrypted chat apps, to raid dissidents, using kf style crowdsource doxxing campaigns.

🙅‍♀️ Netflix, Disney+, Stadia, ... subscriptions
🙆‍♀️ Food co-op, community radio station, and submedia subscriptions

oh damn, I missed the news yesterday that the farm workers beat Newsom, and forced him to flip his position. California farm workers will soon have more power to unionize and negotiate!

I thought I just bought the upgrade kit for my first edition (the very very very first run with the rad zines), but they sent me the full new game 😳 . I guess I decided on getting the full thing at some point. Nice 😎

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do you ever pull out a MIDI keyboard, then arpeggiate and chill 😎 🎹 🎵

They're putting rootkits in the PC supply chain to turn the gamers gay!

I think customizing that stuff is cool, but I also think that it shouldn't pass the verification step. Turning off integrity checks is fine if you know what you are doing.

Integrity checks that only look at file size though ... 😬

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With this simple script you can change out the boot animation to a fun one!

And with this simple script you can change out the payment processing form with one that sends your CC info to me!

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everyone else: omg, check out my super cool steam deck boot animation! 😀

me: omg, the client install verifier on the steam deck can be exploited that easily to inject arbitrary changes!? 😬

Once again, for the people in the back:

Corporate greed, not wages, is behind inflation. It’s time for price controls

I've really been enjoying this phone game. It's simple, challenging, and a fun twist on word games.

Make sure to switch to the "large" board.

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